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Gift Сertificate 600-3400 UAH with a Kraft Envelope

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SKU: GC600-3400
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The phenomenon of choosing a gift

We all, from time to time, have a situation when the birthday of a loved one is very close, and it was not possible to choose a gift, sometimes it turns into a strong "headache" 🤕, when you walk around the shopping center like a zombie 🧟‍♂️ and can't do anything to choose, as a result, you have to buy some junk to at least give something as a gift. In most cases, it's wasted money 💸, a confused birthday person, because need to pretend with fictitious impressions 😕, and as a result, the gift will lie somewhere in dark place, waiting for it to be thrown away. That's life, isn't it? 😁

How it works

You should not risk buying a loved one some kind of junk for crazy money, there is a good solution to the problem 💡, it is a gift certificate. And what, you don't need to puzzle over what, for example, color to choose, guess the size, etc. Everyone needs clothes, especially having a t-shirt or hoodie with a cool print from Dubhumans, is not it? 😁 Insanely convenient, you don't need to worry about whether the gift is good or not. Leave this decision to the birthday person, let it not be your pain in choosing the size, color, etc. In addition, the certificate is suitable for both men and women. A universal thing, for any holiday.

How to use Gift Certificate:

  1. Visit dubhumans.com;
  2. Add products to cart;
  3. In cart or checkout page, click on “Apply discount code”;
  4. Enter your Gift Certificate code and click “OK”;
  5. Gift Certificate applied, just finsh order on checkout page.

Please Note:

  • If the price of the selected product is higher than the face value of the Gift Certificate, the consumer must pay the difference between the price of the product and the face value of the Gift Certificate;
  • If the price of the selected product is less than the face value of the Gift Certificate, the difference between the purchase price and the face value of the Gift Certificate is not refundable;
  • To exercise the right to receive goods within the face value of the Gift Certificate, on the website (in the cart or on the checkput page) you need to find and click on "Apply discount code", then in the field that appears, enter this code (you can find it on the front of the certificate), enter it in the field, click "OK", after which the Gift Certificate will be activated;
  • Gift Certificate can be used only once when ordering on the website dubhumans.com;
  • Gift Certificate are not subject to exchange, return and monetary compensation;
  • Exchange and return of goods purchased with the use of the certificate are carried out in the general order provided by the current legislation.

A gift certificate expires after 1 year from the date of purchase.

More about Gift Certificates Statutes and Legislation

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