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Decor that makes you smile.

In this category you will find all kinds of decorative items. After all, our prints are not only worn on clothes, why not use them in other places so that the good doesn't go to waste. And what, the walls also ask not to be bare 😁.

Posters and magnets.

Our wooden posters will cheer up your home, office, restaurant or any wall in the world. They fit very cool into the interior of any style, in the interior "So it will go" is also suitable. And the refrigerator is asking for a magnet to be hung on it. Oh, and what a cool gift it will turn out to be, always on the topic of anyone - a sister, brother, wife, colleague, even more so a director, more easily a boss, distant relatives, or who knows, maybe you will just be in a gift-giving mood 😁🎁.


Stickers will visually complement the space or just a showcase, or by pasting on the car, they will amuse everyone else in traffic. And your laptop or refrigerator will also not mind such an update. They are very easy to remove, but this is only if you get bored, as they are very resistant to weather conditions, and they are generally eternal indoors. They are printed with UV ink on a transparent, permanent film, so they lie nicely on any flat surface.

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