Dubhumans Short Story

Photo: Handcrafted Dubhumans pre-foundation sign.

The Dubhumans clothing brand was founded in 2018 in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, by a group of creative individuals with backgrounds in graphic design and electronic music, as an experiment. These two elements are inseparable in expressing creativity. Visuals and sound form a mix that completes the picture of the brand.

In 2020, the pandemic forced a reevaluation of social connections, opening up new perspectives and opportunities. Starting afresh, our team grew, focusing on exploring innovative technologies for printing digital artworks on clothing and enhancing it, centering around the core value of unique artworks that allow for self-expression.

Dubhumans Logo on a warehouse wall

Photo: Handmade Dubhumans sign on Dubspace wall

2022 year. Full-scale war, suspended reality, and utter chaos like a dense fog creating zero visibility, compelling some to step aside for the protection of the country and others for volunteering to aid the army and refugees fleeing orc-invaded homes. The unity of Ukrainians began to resist the enemy. One of the pivotal moments showcasing our unyielding spirit was when a border guard on Snake (Zmiinyi) Island, facing imminent death, defiantly told the giant cruiser "Moscow," "Russian warship, go and f*** yourself!" This breakthrough moment demonstrated that evil cannot prevail this time! It inspired the entire nation. Impressed, in March, we created an illustration with this phrase, not for sale as production was halted, but for spirit support on social media and respect for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Our community and friends began requesting it on T-shirts, and in those days, calls from President Zelensky to restore businesses echoed, emphasizing that every sector is vital for the country to function without exceptions. At the end of March, we resumed production, reacting swiftly to events. This patriotic direction gave us a tremendous boost, enabling us to help support society's spirit and raise funds for volunteers actively aiding in the confrontation with Mordor!

Photo: Dubspace 2023 Summer

2023 year. The war continues. Fatigue sets in, but the war is not forgotten, and the intense resistance never pauses. More and more loved ones are claimed by the war. We continue our work, focusing on patriotic themes, supporting our indomitable warriors. Understanding that Ukraine serves as a buffer between the world of darkness and light, witnessing the onset of war weariness in friendly free counries, we conclude it's time to broaden our perspective and start reminding the world beyond Ukraine of values and the possibility of breathing freely. Time to enter the international market!

2024 year - a time of transformation and renewal. Recently opening our own garment workshop and improving printing technology, new opportunities arise. Our team grows. Combining a creative approach with wartime experience, we evolve into a clothing atelier aiming to align with human values, enhance environmental responsibility, and convey messages such as self-worth, family, community, and global unity, contributing to a brighter future for our shared home on Earth.

The new Dubhumans concept is a streetwear workshop embodying openness to bold experiments and an innovative approach to creating socially responsible clothing as much as possible in the current time and place. We believe in the power of individuality, the creative expression of each person, and the unity around human values.

Dubhumans Team 2024

Photo: Dubhumans Team 2024 Winter

Join Dubhumans - where everyone can feel like an individual and part of something significant. Let us be that puzzle piece for your creative expression, helping you emphasize your uniqueness, visibility in society, and connections with others. Together, we are a strong community of creative individuals valuing freedom of self-expression and social bonds!

To be continued...



Services provided by individual proprietor (FOP) Maksym Babin
Mob.: +380633684666
Taxpayer identification number (IPN) 3148407778
Address: Ukraine, Vinnytsya, Zodchykh 8 str., 93