Dubhumans about us

Our story has just begun. For many years we have been developing prints for clothes of various brands around the world. But in 2018 we decided to create our own brand Dubhumans in which we began to embody modern Ukrainian trends and promote them in front of their communities, we tired to see that people wear prints like "New York", "LA" and similar, and why not "Lviv", "Kyiv", "Vinnytsia". Other nations have been able to promote their "idols" in our heads, it's time to change that! In many cases it is only PR and no more. For example, do you know that the Motherland is higher and more complex than the Statue of Liberty? A rhetorical question, but it shows that we also have something to be proud of! Of course we respect other cultures and are inspired by their achievements, but we do not forget about our own!

Made in Ukraine!

Services provided by individual proprietor (FOP) Maksym Babin

mob. +380633684666

Taxpayer identification number (IPN) 3148407778

address Ukraine, Vinnytsya, Zodchykh 8 str., 93