Йоу, як щодо знижечки -5% на усе? 

Підпишіться та отримайте промокод, що діє навіть на ті товари, що вже зі знижкою!

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Wood Magnets

Wooden magnets are what your refrigerator dreams of on lonely evenings 😁.

They are made of the same materials and using the same technology as our posters. The designs are UV-printed onto 80mm plywood, then lightly vintage distressed to the edges by hand for a retro effect. The magnet itself is embedded in the plywood so that there is no gap between the magnet and the surface.

What about a gift?

And it can also be a great gift or addition to some gift to a colleague, friend, relative or someone dear to the heart, appropriate for any holiday, and it doesn't matter whether it's the New Year, a birthday, or even if you're just in a good mood. It looks very cool on the refrigerator or any metal surface. Gives a daily positive mood, even if you didn't find anything in the refrigerator 😁.

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