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  • You have probably already heard such a word as SUSTAINABILITY. Translated from English, it is stability. But this concept is much deeper and broader. What does it mean? We are talking about another type of sustainability — the ability to exist and develop without depleting natural resources in the future.
    20 February 2024
  • Today, to stand out from the crowd, just order a t-shirt with a super original drawing or an exclusive inscription. But it was not always like that. How did printing on T-shirts appear and who first came up with this idea? Let's learn a little more about it.
    15 February 2024
  • This article will tell you a little about the history of guilt and some facts about it. This variety of sweatshirt, similar to a sweatshirt, is made from cotton jersey or fleece. There is a hood and a large porridge in front. But who knew that the worst thing would be popular not just for the last ten years, but even for perhaps 500 years?
    31 January 2024
  • The fashion industry is one of the main polluters of our planet. Clothing production is responsible for 10% of all CO2 emissions every year. It also ranks second in the use of fresh water and is responsible for 20% of all industrial water pollution.
    4 January 2024
  • This is the question that all parents ask themselves before buying a t-shirt or bodysuit with a print for their child. And for sure, if it is a small inscription, then this question does not immediately come to mind, but if it is a photo or a three-dimensional drawing, then most likely even very much. Next, we will tell you whether parents should worry when buying clothes with a pattern.
    17 November 2023
  • A T-shirt has long been a common thing in almost every person's wardrobe. To amuse you a little, we have selected interesting facts about this universal thing. So read and be surprised.🙂
    7 November 2023
  • We are used to cats and dogs being the most popular in fairy tales and cartoons, because they are cute and fluffy pets. However, recently, other animals have started to become trendy. Many of you have already noticed cute photos of capybaras together with predators spending time. In this article, we will tell you about these cute rodents and why they have become popular.
    3 November 2023
  • Clothing with Ukrainian symbols and patriotic inscriptions are a trend of recent years. These clothes are a way to demonstrate patriotism, to show your identity and individual style, to show your position. In addition, such clothes usually look original. What's fashionable now - we'll tell you below.
    31 October 2023
  • 30 October 2023
  • Patches, chevrons, stripes - these are all stripes. But, as always, there is a small “but”. After all, not every patch can be sewn on your favorite jeans, shirt or jacket, for example. In this article we will look at the main differences between kinds of stripes.
    17 October 2023
  • For several years, each of us has more and more things in our wardrobe "as if from an older brother or sister". And this is an absolute trend. After all, these are clothes in an oversized style. Where did this fashion come from and whether it will be so popular in the future - we'll figure it out in this article.
    13 October 2023
  • You can often get confused by these two names. Previously, everything was simply called a sweater. And now there are so many clothes that you can break your head. It's really simple. Let's tell you the difference.
    9 October 2023
  • You go shopping and you don't understand: is it an undershirt or a T-shirt? What is the difference between them? How to distinguish underwear from a separate part of the wardrobe? Let's figure it out together.
    6 October 2023
  • We have finally launched a new website and can enter 2021 with new forces! 🎉 Yes, we know that the previous site made everyone nervous 🤬 and we were also delighted with it, it was a test site made hastily on our own without the participation of programmers😀! But agree, it was still quite comfortable, so we strained, spent a long time to find a new platform that would be conveniently the same if not better! We stopped at Horoshop and we hope we didn't lose 😀!
    28 January 2021
  • We are pleased to present some photos from the first photoset where all the products on the models are presented in order to better understand how cool they look 🙂
    23 June 2018
  • As soon as we celebrated the first party of our products, we took part in Vinnytsia Food Fest on the day of Europe and showed up our stand at the start! On the first day, we got many positive feedbacks!
    23 May 2018
  • From this moment our story begins! Founded by our artist who for many years has been developing artworks for clothing of various brands around the world. In 2018 he decided to open his own brand Dubhumans in which we began to implement modern Ukrainian trends and promote them in front of their communities, as tired of seeing that humane people wear such, for example, tshirts with the titles like "New York", "LA" and similar, and why not "Lviv", "Kyiv", "Vinnytsia". Other nations have been able to promote their "idols" in our heads, it's time to change that! In many cases, it's just PR and nothing more. For example, did you know that the Mother Motherland is higher and more complex than the Statue of Liberty? A rhetorical question, but it shows that we also have something to be proud of!
    22 May 2018

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