А T-shirt has long been a common thing in almost every person's wardrobe. To amuse you a little, we have selected interesting facts about this universal thing. So read and be surprised🙂

  1. Men and women take off their shirts differently. Watch it and see for yourself. Women usually first take the T-shirt by the hem and pull it up, while guys take the hem at the back and pull it over their head. This is a mystery that no one has solved yet. Maybe you will succeed?
  2. T-shirt day. In some countries, this day is celebrated on June 21. The Germans were the first to decide to dedicate one day a year to the elderly.
  3. Do you know how much the most expensive polo shirt in the world costs? even today it is John Lennon's "Home" T-shirt. It was sold for $16,400.      Source: https://www.home1969.com/johnlennon
  4. The trendy t-shirt in Europe is white with a black diagonal stripe that imitates a seat belt. The fines for driving without a seat belt are quite high, and drivers are cunning so that the cameras do not record the violation. But we are in favor of compliance with traffic laws, so we do not recommend you to buy such a thing. 
  5. A T-shirt is in the wardrobe of 98% of people on the planet. And all because it is a convenient and universal thing. And you can choose stylish and fashionable t-shirts with prints in our online store. Thanks to the author's drawings on the fabric, high-quality tailoring can stand out from the crowd.
  6. Some statistics. 70% of men and 55% of women have more than 10 T-shirts in their closets. And 20% of young people have more than 30 T-shirts of different styles and colors.
  7. Today, there are special T-shirts that have built-in sensors that allow you to monitor heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and more. We do not know how true this is, because the information is taken from the Internet, so decide for yourself: believe it or not.
  8. The life of a t-shirt begins on the farms of the leading cotton growing countries - USA, China, India, Pakistan. a lot of water and pesticides are used to grow cotton. It takes 2.5 thousand liters of water to grow the required amount of cotton for one T-shirt. 
  9. Cotton plantations in the world occupy 30 million hectares. It's about like the territory of Italy with all the islands, just imagine!
  10. Almost 23 million tons of cotton are grown in the world every year, which is enough for 2 billion T-shirts. Shocking?
  11. Almost 0.5% of all harmful emissions into the atmosphere - from the production of T-shirts.
  12. 257 t-shirts - that's how many Sri Lankan Sanath Bandara put on at one time. (Be careful: not Bandera)🙂 This is a Guinness record, which was achieved in 2011.
  13. The largest T-shirt in the world appeared in October 2014 in Brazil. With a stunning length of 93.2 meters and a width of 62.7 meters. This huge man broke all previous records. It was created to draw attention to breast cancer and raise awareness among people about this disease. Responsible for this was the Brazilian clothing company Equilíbrios Camisetas Promocionais since 1994. 
  14. The most expensive T-shirt. It was created by the company Superlative Luxury. It is made only from environmentally friendly natural materials. It is black with a symmetrical white print that looks like a flower with diamonds. You can count eight black and eight white diamonds on the T-shirt. Each stone weighs approximately one carat. 

T-shirts have been popular among people for a long time and are definitely not going anywhere. But in order to be unique and stand out from the crowd, we suggest you create your own unique design and order a T-shirt with a print from us, because we are always responsible for quality and give you a good mood.