Dubhumans wholesale

Open offer for wholesale purchase of products from Dubhumans.

We specialize in the development of clothes and accessories with unique designs and artworks that evoke positive emotions and give pleasure in everyday use. We constantly monitor trends, the mood of society, communicate with our audience, which provides us with good demand for our products.

If you are interested wholesale, we are glad to offer our collection to expand your assortment.

Why you should choose Dubhumans:

  • Production.
    From tailoring to applying artworks, the entire production cycle is under our care, which ensures that we receive the required volume of products within the set time;
  • Author's prints.
    All prints are designed exclusively by our artists and are original works of art. We protect copyright;
  • Quality and Guarantee.
    We take a responsible approach to production and pay attention to details, control quality. Constantly in the process of improving and updating products;
  • Flexibility.
    You can order the most popular sizes of clothes in any quantity, without being tied to the growth rates, which minimizes the remaining non-current goods in the warehouse;
  • Digital printing.
    We currently use the technology of direct digital printing on clothes, which allows us to quickly print any image.
  • Rules:
    We believe in healthy and long-term partnerships, which are based on mutual respect and the correct distribution of the sales market. To prevent crossing audiences and ensure healthy competition, you need to follow several rules:
  • If the goods are sold in the online store, not allowed to use the same titles and descriptions for the goods as on the Dubhumans website. This lowers search engine ranking and site visibility for all parties.

How it works:

  • Sign Up on the website;
  • Contact the manager by phone, messanger or email (in the header of the site), and inform about the desire for wholesale.
  • The manager will open a special accuont for visibility on the website wholesale offers and prices (under development, temporarily the purchase process is solved with the manager in manual mode).
  • Just place an order with wholesale prices.

Minimum circulation:


  • 30 pcs of one type of goods;
  • Any color;
  • Any size.


  • 100 pieces;
  • Any proportions.


Contact by E-mail