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Men's T-shirts Oversize

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Men's oversized t-shirt is trend for every day 

Nowadays, the oversized style is at the peak of its popularity, as it has been for the past few years. And it seems that it will not lose its leading position in fashion for a long time. Therefore, a large-sized men's T-shirt has almost every man who follows fashion trends (or his woman does). These clothes are made for movement and an active lifestyle. You don't have to think about your forms in it. 

How to find a regular oversized T-shirt

An oversize T-shirt for men is not just a T-shirt of a larger size, it has a special well-thought-out cut. This T-shirt is comfortable to move in and looks organic on any man.

How to correctly choose an oversized T-shirt

  • The fit of an oversized T-shirt is affected by the material and style. For example, if you take two identical T-shirts with long sleeves made of knitwear and made of cotton, then they can fit differently. You can be comfortable in a knitted one, but you can look awkward in a thin cotton one. It is better to pay attention to the non-traditional style - wide sleeves and a longer back.

  • Size and cut. It is worth choosing a T-shirt 1-2 sizes larger than your normal one. You should be comfortable in an oversized T-shirt, but you should not "drown" in it. It can be straight cut, trapezoidal or narrow at the bottom. Choose the one you like and suits you better.

  • Color. Here you are guided only by your own taste. But immediately plan what from your wardrobe the oversized T-shirt will harmonize better with.

What men's T-shirts Dubhumans has

We offer stylish men's oversized t-shirts with various prints. It may be:

  • oversized t-shirt with an inscription

  • from photo

  • with a picture

  • logo

  • design drawing

We use the highest quality fabrics and sew on professional equipment. We use DTG and DTF printers for drawing. We have both children's and adults' items. These are oversized T-shirts, regular T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, children's bodysuits and much more. You can see more details in the catalog. You can buy an oversized T-shirt with a print very easily. Our managers will be happy to help you choose the right size. Things keep their appearance after washing. However, it is worth following all recommendations for clothing care. 

It is important to harmoniously combine oversized clothes with other elements of a man's wardrobe. Designers advise wearing oversized T-shirts with baggy baggy pants, jeans or breeches.


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