Basic concepts

  1. Gift certificate (further - GC) - a plastic card or printed paper postcard with a certain validity period and a certain denomination, which is considered a deposit and certifies the consumer's consent to purchase goods in the Dubhumans online store in the future and under the conditions specified by these Rules, which entitles the Holder to a one-time purchase goods from the assortment (specified on the GC) that is available on the date of purchase, and at the price applicable at the time of purchase of the goods, for the amount indicated and corresponding to the GC;
  2. An electronic gift certificate (hereinafter referred to as an electronic gift certificate) is an intangible asset that exists in electronic form, has a non-personalized unique code, which is recorded in the electronic system of the Seller, which confirms the Seller's obligation to the Holder of such an electronic gift certificate to purchase goods from the assortment (specified on the electronic gift certificate) once. , which is available on the date of purchase, and at the price applicable at the time of purchase of the goods, for the amount indicated and corresponding to the EGC;
  3. The seller is a person who is the owner of the GC/EGC and grants the right to use the GC/EGC by the Holder to choose goods according to the nominal value determined by the deposit and reflected on the GC/EGC.
  4. The buyer is the person who purchased the GC/EGC from the Seller;
  5. The holder is the person who purchased the GC/EGC from the Seller or a third party who received the GC/EGC through transfer from the Buyer. When transferring GC/EGC to other third parties, the Buyer is obliged to warn such third party about the conditions of these "Rules for the use of Gift Certificates" and the term of validity of GC/EGC;
  6. An individual code (hereinafter - IC) is a unique code that is generated and is unrepeatable for GC/EGC for a specific denomination. To activate the GC/EGC, the IC must be entered in the Dubhuman online store when purchasing the product(s) on the "Ordering" page;
  7. The Dubhumans online store is an electronic trade facility operating under the Dubhumans trademark;
  8. GC/EGC is not a security, payment document or means of payment.

Types of GC/EGC

  1. The nominal value of the GC/EGC is indicated in hryvnias and is equal to its value;
  2. GC/EGC has fixed denominations: 600 hryvnias, 1200 hryvnias, 2400 hryvnias and 3400 hryvnias.

Procedure for purchasing GC/EGC

  1. The GC/EGC can be purchased using a bank payment card through the Dubhumans online store, by making a cashless payment to the bank account of the GC/EGC Seller, or by paying in cash or with a bank card upon receipt at the delivery service office;
  2. During the purchase of the GC/EGC, the Buyer pays a sum of money that corresponds to the fixed denomination of the GC/EGC and is a deposit, which is credited to the payment for the goods that will be purchased in the future by the GC/EGC Holder;
  3. The GC/EGC becomes active, after its purchase, from the moment it is received by the Buyer through the delivery service or by e-mail, but not before the Seller receives full payment for the price of the GC/EGC.

Mechanism of purchase of goods using GC/EGC

  1. With the use of GC/EGC, it is possible to purchase any product(s) offered for sale exclusively in the Dubhumans online store;
  2. GC/EGC can be used when placing a single order through the Dubhumans online store;
  3. When placing one order through the Dubhumans online store, only one GC/EGC can be used;
  4. After a one-time use of the GC/EGC, it is either withdrawn or its IC is canceled (becomes invalid);
  5. If the price of the desired item(s) exceeds the nominal value of the GC/EGC, the Holder may pay the difference;
  6. If the price of the desired item(s) is less than the GC/EGC denomination, the difference is voided at the time of purchase and is not refunded to the Holder or Buyer;
  7. When purchasing goods using GC/EGC, discounts of the discount system and promotions valid at the time of purchase of the product(s) apply;
  8. Only natural persons can pay for the product(s) using GC/EGC. Legal entities cannot partially or fully pay for the purchase of GC/EGC product(s).

Term of validity of GC/EGC

  1. The term of validity of GC/EGC is limited and is 12 calendar months from the moment of its purchase;
  2. The term of validity of GC/EGC cannot be extended, renewed or changed;
  3. In the event that the Holder or the Purchaser of the GC/EGC does not exercise the right to purchase the goods during the validity period of the GC/EGC, in this case, the obligations of the Seller of the GC/EGC are considered terminated, and the amount of money paid for the GC/EGC remains at the disposal Seller and non-refundable.

Return of GC/EGC and termination of the contract of sale of goods

  1. GC/EGC is non-refundable or exchangeable;
  2. GC/EGC is not subject to monetary compensation in lieu of purchase;
  3. The administration of the Dubhumans online store has the right not to accept the GC/EGC if it is damaged or there are doubts about its validity;
  4. GC with a damaged IC are not valid;
  5. In case of loss of the GC/EGC or damage to the IC, the Seller reserves the right to refuse to restore the GC/EGC;
  6. The risk of accidental damage or loss of the GC/EGC is borne by the Buyer/Keeper from the moment of purchase of the GC/EGC;
  7. In the event of the return of the product(s) and the termination of the sales contract purchased using the GC/EGC, the refund for the goods is carried out by issuing a new GC/EGC of the same denomination as the GC/EGC with which the goods were purchased ( i), which is returned. If the value of the returned product(s) at the time of purchase exceeded the GC/EGC nominal value and the buyer paid the difference, upon termination of the sales contract, this amount of the difference is returned.


  1. The administration of the Dubhumans online store reserves the right to change the "Rules for the use of gift certificates";
  2. Any changes and additions to these Rules are not subject to prior agreement with the Buyer/Holder;
  3. The GC/EGC seller informs about changes and additions to these GC/EGC Use Rules by publishing them on the website of the Dubhumans online store;
  4. These Rules for the use of GC/EGC are an accession agreement in accordance with the requirements of Art. 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. The conclusion of such an agreement is possible only by joining one party to the proposed agreement. By purchasing GC/EGC, purchasing goods using GC/EGC, the Buyer/Holder certifies the fact of familiarization with these Rules and confirms his agreement with these Rules of use of GC/EGC.