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Chevron Patches

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What are those patches, stripes or chevrons?

Patches - geometric shape sewn onto a special velcro tape, which is very easy to attach to clothes, a backpack or other things and, if desired, quickly change to other. A chevron is a military concept, a Λ or V 🔰-shaped ribbon or stripe indicating length of service or military rank. It has nothing to do with us, but it remained in the lexicon, so we cannot ignore this word. So, having a collection of overlays and a hoodie or t-shirt, for example, you can change your look every day. It's pretty cool and a fun 😁.


With blood and sweat in terrible creative pains, we developed our own designs, based on our most popular prints that are walking around the world and even somewhere near you, or, do you have one or more in your collection 🙃? So you will definitely like it 😁.


We have two types of patches - PVC, rubber or computer-embroidered. PVC - poured using a special mold, very detailed pattern and durability, then sew on velcro and it's done. Machine embroidery - embroidery is applied to a fabric base and also sewn to velcro, not as detailed as rubber, but it also lives almost forever.

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