Як правильно прати одяг з принтами

How to properly wash clothes with prints

Each patterning technology has different properties, they all require the same care during washing. Drawings withstand more than 40 washings and ironing, but it happens that the print can be destroyed literally after the first wash, but this does not mean that the drawing is of poor quality, more often it is improper care of the clothes during washing.

Washing printed clothes in a washing machine

Any print on any garment is sensitive to handling during washing. There are a few simple rules to follow:

  • Before washing, turn the item with the print inside out;
  • White clothes should be washed with powder for white clothes, and colored clothes for colored ones;
  • Do not use bleach, stain removers or any other similar chemicals;
  • The washing temperature should not exceed 40 °C;
  • Start washing in delicate mode;
  • Do not use spinning with a high number of rotation of the drum;
  • If the washing machine has a drying function, it is better to avoid it and hang it to dry in an open space.

Hand washing printed clothes

  • When washing by hand, it is advisable not to do the following:
  • Do not rub the picture strongly and intensively;
  • Do not turn inside out before the procedure;
  • Do not try to twist the thing as much as possible;
  • Do not soak for a long time in a large amount of detergents;
  • Do not wash in hot water.

Printed clothes are heavily soiled, what to do?

  • Laundry soap will help, apply it to the stain and wash it off with water after a few minutes;
  • Wipe the stains with the soft side of the sponge;
  • Soak in soapy water for 15-20 minutes;
  • If the powder is with granules, make sure that they are dissolved in water, otherwise they may scratch the picture.

How to dry clothes with a print

  • As mentioned above, the drying function in the washing machine can be very harmful, so it should be abandoned, if there is one;
  • Pins cannot be attached to the place of the print;
  • It is preferable to dry on a hanger;
  • Hang to dry so that the print is not in the place where the clothes bend;
  • As when washing, hang the thing inside out;
  • In the place of drying, the air temperature should not exceed 40 °C;
  • Do not dry on the battery or over the stove, and also dry with a hair dryer;

How to iron clothes with a print

  • If you iron, iron from the middle, that is, turn the thing inside out;
  • On places where the print is applied, use a low ironing temperature;
  • It is best to use a vaporizer.