From this moment our story begins! Founded by our artist who for many years has been developing artworks for clothing of various brands around the world. In 2018 he decided to open his own brand Dubhumans in which we began to implement modern Ukrainian trends and promote them in front of their communities, as tired of seeing that humane people wear such, for example, tshirts with the titles like "New York", "LA" and similar, and why not "Lviv", "Kyiv", "Vinnytsia". Other nations have been able to promote their "idols" in our heads, it's time to change that! In many cases, it's just PR and nothing more. For example, did you know that the Mother Motherland is higher and more complex than the Statue of Liberty? A rhetorical question, but it shows that we also have something to be proud of!

Of course, we respect other cultures and are inspired by their achievements, but we do not forget about our own! We started the 2018 season with a limited series of prints on modern tailoring T-shirts made of high quality fabric. Our clothes are comfortable, pleasant to the touch and durable! 

Made in Ukraine!