We are used to cats and dogs being the most popular in fairy tales and cartoons, because they are cute and fluffy pets. However, recently, other animals have started to become trendy. Many of you have already noticed cute photos of capybaras together with predators spending time. In this article, we will tell you about these cute rodents and why they have become popular.

Who is this mysterious animal in life? 

Capybara is a rodent from Latin America, which lives on the banks of rivers, streams, and lakes. This animal leads a semi-aquatic lifestyle and eats plants. Capybaras are very friendly and sociable, they live in groups of up to 100 individuals. They communicate with other animals. Capybara can be found in the company of turtles, cats, monkeys, birds and even crocodiles. They are often hunted for fur and meat. These rodents can live from 7 to 10 years in the wild. The weight of an adult capybara can reach 60 kg, and the height - 60 cm. The word “capybara” comes from two Greek words (hydor) - water and (hoiros) - pig, that is, "water pig". The name alludes to the appearance of the animal.

Can a capybara be tamed? 

Against the background of popularity, many have a desire to tame a capybara, like a cat or a dog. But while the cost of this exotic rodent starts from 2 thousand dollars. Capybaras themselves are docile animals and can be trained. They need special living conditions: a large lawn with trees and bushes so that the capybara can sharpen its teeth. Since they live in nature near water bodies, you need to take care of that too. They can swim in the water for half a day. In South America, capybaras are already quite popular among residents.

Why did Capybara become popular? 

In fact, capybaras began to become famous back in the 2000s in Japan, when the cartoon "Capybara-san" was released there. Later, soft toys and books began to appear. Not the last role in the promotion of capybara was played by the Japanese Katsuhito Watanabe, who posted a video of capybaras taking a bath on the Internet.

Even later, the capybara appeared in memes, which were picked up by many people. The famous Korean vocalist Jenni from the BLACKPINK group has repeatedly shared on the network that the capybara is her favorite animal, which even starred with her in the music video for the song Ice Cream.

In 2021, the capybara even became a symbol of anti-capitalism and class struggle in Argentina. These rodents gnawed the grass in one wealthy neighborhood of Buenos Aires, which was built on swamps.

The return of capybara in trends 2023

Today, the capybara is popular again thanks to a hit song, it was at the top of TikTok. It was written by Sto-Lichnayii Ona-Nas - a russian singer. Then a trending video appeared where a capybara is riding in the front seat of a car. TikTok's love for the capybara is only growing now. Hashtags with capybara are gaining millions.

Why do people like capybara so much? 

This is an interesting question. Because some may say: a rodent, like a rodent. What is special? Psychologists say that people associate an animal with a lot of fur with warmth, comfort, and love. And it can also resemble evolutionary changes in humans, when ancestors were covered from head to toe with hair.

Capybara in cartoons

Capybara is a very kind and friendly animal, so it is not surprising that it appeared in cartoons. Not so long ago, the studio "Walt Disney Pictures" and "Walt Disney Animation Studios" released a family cartoon "Encanto", where one of the main characters is a capybara. You can already watch it online.

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/mintmovi3/art/Disney-s-Encanto-2021-poster-textless-2-893386261

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