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Women's T-shirt “Trident of Volodymyr Sviatoslavych”

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A symbol that accompanies Ukrainians for many centuries. There is a theory that the Ukrainian trident 🔱 was borrowed by the Greeks and then by the Romans to give their deities a more solid appearance, but this is not certain.
There is no exact historical information about where Volodymyr the Great Svyatoslavovich took the trident as a symbol of Kyivan Rus. However, there are several legends and versions regarding its origin.
One of the legends says that the trident was a sign of the god Perun, who was revered in ancient Slavic mythology. Vladimir the Great, being a pagan before his conversion to Christianity, may have chosen the trident as a symbol of his authority and military power.
Another version says that the trident was used as a symbol on coins used in Kievan Rus. Vladimir the Great may have chosen this symbol for his flag because of its prevalence and popularity among the population.
Regardless of where exactly Volodymyr the Great took the trident as a symbol of his power, this symbol became one of the most famous symbols of Ukraine and Ukrainian statehood, and it remains a symbol of national identity to this day.T-shirts are pleasant to the touch, modern tailoring. We provide only the best quality, so you can wear it for several seasons and don't be afraid that your favourite t-shirt will be spoiled.

Brand Dubhumans
Tailoring Classic
Виріз горловини Rounded
Stock 95% cotton 5% elastane
Printing Method Vinyl
Subject Spirit of Freedom, Patriotic
Season All season
Style Casual
Призначення For everyday wear, For Running, For GYM, For Tennis, For Training, For Fitness, For Sports, For Football
Країна виробник Ukraine
Returnability Returnable
Age Group Adult
Gender Female
Product Women's T-shirts
Матеріал Cotton, Elastane
Декор (Rozetka) With Artwork
Узор (Kasta & Rozetka) Illustration
Підгрупа (Kasta) Sweaters and jackets
Група (Kasta) Clothing
Країна реєстрації бренду (Rozetka) Ukraine
Ідентифікатор розмірної сітки Women's T-shirts
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